Horsemanship with Armoin focus would be on individual horse and human partnership needs. I have a basis in natural horsemanship however adapt different techniques to allow horses and humans to work together in harmony.  I do alot of work with nervous owners, horses with issues such as float loading, water (puddles!) and no respect on the ground whether it be feeding time/generally being led/feet picking up etc or any other issues you or your horse might have.  Also people who would like to advance their relationship with their horse working at liberty (no halters/leads) or to eventually riding with no bridle or saddle.  I also specialise in foal and young horse handling.  I conduct private lessons and clinics at Armoin and also go to clients both in Perth and regionally.


The Crew -

Alluvial - Thoroughbred Chestnut Gelding 15.2hh Born ~ 1998 - our herd leader, kind, quiet and has an easy going nature.  He teaches scared adults and children needing a extra gentle soul. He has a very important job at Armoin of keeping Morgan-Lee in check and has been Sarah 'heart-horse' for over 10 years. 

Morgan-Lee - Standardbred Bay Mare 15.3hh Born 2003 - Sargent in Command, misunderstood, nervous however tries hard to please.  Morgan-Lee came to us as she was a rescue found running wild in Jarrahdale forest.  She has found a home here with us and although she is still shy and nervous (especially around men) she is a lovely girl who understands she, at times, has to deal with humans, if you are privileged she will work out her heart for you.

Nocturne - Anglo-Arab Black Mare 15.1hh Born ~ 2004 - Herd guard and inherent worrier.  She is a lovely mare who's looks get lots of comments and 'she looks like Black Beauty!'  As Paul's main steed she is a complicated, interesting ride who loves to test her rider constantly.  On the ground she is a dream at home and is generally easy to do everything with.

Piccolo (Pia) - Quarterpony x Welsh Palomino Mare 14hh Born - 2009 -  Submissive, kind, loves kids and is a complete princess.  She has been recently started under saddle and is taking her job very seriously.  She is also who we use for liberty lessons with children which she loves.  She has a few quirks though one being as a bit of a princess she DOES NOT do needles and has issues with people quickly touching her head.

Lyric - Gypsy Cob x Thoroughbred Brown and White Tobiano Mare 14.1hh Born 2011.  Cheeky, with a cracking sense of humour Lyric is usually the one getting into trouble with either the rest of the herd or with her 'people'... she means well but fills the child/teenager roll well.  As Sarah's up and coming riding horse she is going to have some big hooves to fill and will be starting off her education as a 4 yr old in cart and then to be started under saddle when she is ready most likely 5-6 years old.